Fiscal Responsibility

Like most people in our district, I am fiscally responsible​ and socially inclusive​. Unfortunately, our current representative ​is not, ​as evidenced by his tax plan which will likely add over $1 trillion to our debt while raising taxes on many.


Opportunity For Every Child

While we cannot guarantee equal outcomes for every American child, I believe it’s our responsibility to afford equal opportunities, and that starts with a world-class public education​ ​and affordable higher education​ options​.


Celebrating Differences

We are a mosaic of people of different colors, backgrounds, traditions, sexual orientations and perspectives. From both moral and economic standpoints, we should celebrate our differences ​and derive strength from our common bonds.


Campaign Finance Reform

I believe the corrupting influence of money in politics is at the root of the dysfunction in Congress. I refuse to accept money from PACs, special interest groups or federal lobbyists, and will make reform a top priority. Read more…

A Stronger Economy

As an entrepreneur, I know the best way to grow our economy is to increase demand, which happens when middle class families have money to spend. I’ll focus on creating jobs, growing wages and supporting small businesses.

Safety & Security

I will do everything possible to reduce gun violence, ensure safe streets and address international threats​ through a well-resourced State Department, which would​ ensure that​ diplomacy is our first line of defense.

Healthcare For All

I believe all Americans deserve high quality healthcare, regardless of age, geography, condition or ability to pay. I will work towards that objective and advocate for improving the delivery of care while reducing costs.


Support For Women & Families

We must ensure equal pay for equal work, protect women​’s​​ access to basic health care, and institute policies like paid family leave that allow parents to care for​ a child or an aging parent​ without risking their jobs.


A Cleaner Environment

We must do everything in our power to ensure our planet is left in better shape than we found it, which means addressing the threats of global climate change, protecting our natural resources and investing in renewable energy.